Independent Contractor Agreements

1.12.2019 | Petri Heininen |

Companies must have a good form of agreement when hiring independent contractors. A good agreement covers the following: Services to be performed. This part of the contract should carefully spell out the services to be performed. Make sure you have spelled out all of the things you expect the independent contractor to accomplish for his […]

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Overview of the IT Services Industry

8.1.2019 | Petri Heininen |

The IT services industry is vast, fragmented and going through very meaningful changes. E.g. Gartner is forecasting 4-5% growth or more than $1 trillion in worldwide end-user spend, across consulting, implementation, business process outsourcing, managed services and cloud infrastructure services. An area of relative strength remains in consulting, where digital and security are driving spend. […]

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The Shift to SaaS: A High-Value Opportunity for ISVs

11.12.2017 | Petri Heininen |

An interesting report from Keystone Strategy. SaaS represents an opportunity for ISVs to fundamentally transform their business to deliver greater value to customers, sell software to a broader range of customers and streamline their internal operations. The market for software is quickly changing to demand this mode of delivery, as software buyers start considering total […]

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How to plan for a Cognitive Future

22.9.2017 | Petri Heininen |

An interesting Focus Paper from ISG discussing how to plan for a cognitive future and taking control of the cognitive enterprise. Four ISG leading thinkers on the subject debating what organizations should do about automation – deploy it, source it, develop it to meet their specific needs. Focus Paper=>  Taking Control of the Cognitive Enterprise

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