How to respond to the threat landscape?

23.5.2024 | Petri Heininen |

One of the key challenges for security and risk management leaders when addressing the threat landscape is to convince necessary stakeholders involved in investment decisions. That means building a case, discussing with IT, with operational technology and with business teams about the necessity to shift priorities in response to a specific threat. Security leaders need to also account for their own business […]

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From Cloud First to Cloud Smart to improve the cloud journey

15.9.2020 | Petri Heininen |

Organizations pursuing a cloud-first strategy often find the approach evolving into a cloud-only approach despite some use cases being a poor fit for cloud. Cloud first has been the prevailing approach to cloud adoption initiatives as organizations sought to drive digital transformation and modernization. But cloud services have evolved over the years, adding features and complexity […]

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Independent Contractor Agreements

1.12.2019 | Petri Heininen |

Companies must have a good form of agreement when hiring independent contractors. A good agreement covers the following: Services to be performed. This part of the contract should carefully spell out the services to be performed. Make sure you have spelled out all of the things you expect the independent contractor to accomplish for his […]

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Overview of the IT Services Industry

8.1.2019 | Petri Heininen |

The IT services industry is vast, fragmented and going through very meaningful changes. E.g. Gartner is forecasting 4-5% growth or more than $1 trillion in worldwide end-user spend, across consulting, implementation, business process outsourcing, managed services and cloud infrastructure services. An area of relative strength remains in consulting, where digital and security are driving spend. […]

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