Our years of experience providing our services in a range of different industries, to companies of all sizes, has helped our customers both achieve their short-term objectives and successfully implement their chosen strategy. Thanks to our network of partners, we are able to work with clients on larger-scale project entities too.

Suomi Ruotsi Englanti

By following three simple rules, you can make sure you’ll achieve your objectives, both in terms of business management challenges and in project management – do an honest situation evaluation, create a good plan, and stick to it.

Business and ICT consulting

Our business and ICT consulting services provide you with expert services to help develop business-centric data management, business intelligence management, enterprise architecture, risk management, and project management.

Enterprise architecture consultation

Our enterprise architecture service helps clients develop processes, data management, and systems strategically, whilst also taking into account adequate security perspectives. The enterprise architecture takes into account business needs and creates a frame of reference for how information technology needs can be resolved and how processes, data management and systems can be developed in a way that supports the development, security and safety of the business.

Outsourcing consulting

Each stage of the outsourcing lifecycle poses its own challenges. We can help customers identify processes that can be outsourced, determine the division of responsibilities between service provider and customer, and, for example, scale their own expertise and resource needs for the management of outsourced services. Additionally, we can help define requirements for the services acquired, realise implementation of the service, and define the changes required to processes and systems.

Offshore outsourcing consulting

Our area of specialist expertise is familiarity with offshore outsourcing and requirements for successful offshore outsourcing – taking into account both cultural factors and elements relating to professional skills, which have a major impact on the selection of partners and where they should be located.

Light Project Audit

The light project audit is a tool we have developed for the auditing of a range of different projects. Elements such as challenges and difficulties associated with the project can be mapped and explored with a light project audit. On the basis of the data collected, we provide an analysis, and where necessary give recommendations for how to achieve corrective measures. The light project audit can also be used during the project planning phase as a kind of checklist and project assurance tool.

Petri Heininen

Petri Heininen

Managing Director
Member of The Finnish Management Consultants Association, LJK
+358 409 033 130

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